Convergen is a digital agency

that specialises in visualising major infrastructure projects.

We've got you covered

With over 500 projects under our belt, we've seen it all.

What it looks like is one thing. How we get there is another.

We produce works from early stage concepts and ideation through to tender presentations and community engagement.

Construction Animations

Design Visualisation

We work alongside designers, architects and planners to bring project designs to life.

Going from watching... to playing

We've live-streamed site visits in virtual reality, visualised underground ore-bodies in augmented reality, we're on the forefront of implementing new visualisation technologies.



Confidence in the precision and accuracy of visualisations is crucial to assessing impact and developing positive working relationships with communities and affected stakeholders.

Working across transport, construction, mining and utilities, we specialise in becoming an expert in your world so you can showcase the ‘how’ and ‘when’.

Construction Staging Diagrams

Tender Support

Tenders are competitive, dynamic and complicated.


Supporting your team and providing the best tools and visualisations are where we can help you excel.


We help connect

Our role is to communicate, engage and inspire.


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Level 2, Eleanor Harrald Building

Frome Road, Adelaide 5000